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The Chestnut Leopoldina

Tuscan farm


Una filiera chiusa e sostenibile

Castagna Leopoldina, a farm on the slopes of Monte Amiata, produces and processes fine Florentine chestnuts to offer the public chestnut products to be enjoyed all year round, without added preservatives.

Precious marrons glacés, chestnut creams, chestnuts in syrup, chestnut flour and chestnut honey: all handcrafted respecting nature.

Story of a family, a chestnut grove and an idea

A love for nature that was born in the 70s, when dad Mario planted the chestnut grove and gave life to the “La castagna” farm. For the Gioacchini family, planting chestnut trees is a philosophy of life: hope and passion must be cultivated every day.

Thus, in 2014, his daughter Francesca Gioacchini leaves the solid profession of pharmacist in Rome and returns "home" to become an agricultural entrepreneur.

A closed and sustainable supply chain

Immersed in the Grosseto Maremma,

in the municipality of Sorano, La Castagna Leopoldina produces and transforms fine chestnuts, preserving the authenticity of the raw material, the Florentine brown and taking care of every phase of a sustainable and closed supply chain.

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La Castagna Leopoldina
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