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Our products

"By choosing the Italian chestnuts of our Castanea sativa, together we support the environment in which we live, biodiversity, the landscape, the authentic relationship of man with nature, the economy of the chestnut territories. Thus, buying chestnuts aware of the value that they carry with them,
we transform ourselves from simple consumers into inhabitants of the places where chestnut groves grow vigorously. "

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The chestnut creams

They are born from the love for this generous fruit, to enjoy a 100% chestnut flavor all year round.

The chestnut creams enriched with fine Madagascar vanilla or delicious cocoa are a treasure trove of natural goodness: very high concentration of fruit with an original flavor and no addition of gelling agents or thickeners.

Marrons Glacés

  "There is no fruit, flower, seed, plant, no matter how good he is in nature, to which one cannot give a more grateful flavor"

Thus spoke the author of the “The Piedmontese confectioner” in 1790, since then things have not changed. The ingredients for our marrons glacés are the same: chestnuts, sugar, art and patience. Through an artisanal candying process, the highest quality chestnuts are wrapped by hand in tulle and subjected to a progressive candying process for several days. Once candied, the chestnuts are finished with a light glaze thus becoming exquisite marrons glacés, ready to be enjoyed.
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Chestnut flour

A precious resource to be rediscovered.

A long search to ensure high quality authentic flavors, precious as that of chestnut flour obtained by slow drying, for the smoking, in the typical Tuscan metato, the Brown of our chestnut. Carefully selected by hand, they are ground in an old stone mill and transformed into flour: a unique piece but suitable for numerous preparations, both sweet and savory.

Florentine brown

The Florentine chestnut is the raw material of all our products.

Selection, quality and craftsmanship of small quantities in each production cycle, allow all our specialties to be considered unique excellences.

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Italian Chestnut Honey

Chestnut Leopoldina boasts valid allies capable of protecting biodiversity and the internal balance of the ecosystem: bees.

The bees, raised in the chestnut grove, in addition to contributing to the correct pollination of the flowers, produce the chestnut honey of the Leopoldina.

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