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Chestnut Fettuccine

Fettuccine con farina di Castagne

Homemade chestnut flour pasta has a delicate scent, rustic texture and is easy to prepare.

The recipe we propose is ideal for a family lunch.

Ingredients for 5 people:

200 g of Leopoldina chestnut flour

300 g of flour 00

5 eggs

Salt to taste

Procedure :

Mix the two sifted flours like a fountain, insert the eggs in the center, knead until you get a firm and homogeneous ball, it is important to work the dough delicately. Once you have a homogeneous dough cover it and let it rest in a cool place (not in the fridge) for 30 minutes.

After the necessary time, roll out the dough, if you use the pasta machine set the thickness to 5, roll it up and make tagliatelle about one centimeter wide. Finally let them dry for 30 minutes.

Try it seasoned with speck and gorgonzola.

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